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About This Tool...

With what is going on today in the world it is very easy to feel anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. Being someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, I wanted to share something that I created for my own self whilst doing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

I created this tool to list the things that were going round my mind and visualize what may be something that I COULD maybe deal with, and what is totally out of my hands. The resulting pie charts allows me to see a sense of clarity and helped me focus my thoughts.

Given the current global situation, I have decided to create an (unpolished) online version, hopefully to help others. This site was created with privacy in mind. No cookies are used and personal information obtained.

Please keep in mind that I have no qualifications in anything psychological or mental health related. I created this tool for my own use when I was struggling with depression and anxiety. Therefore only use this tool if you feel comfortable and safe.

If at any point of using this tool you feel as though your anxiety or depression symptoms get worse, or become overwhelming, simply stop and perhaps speak to one of these organisations.

Remember that this is not something that was developed by someone with a PhD. Just a guy in a similar situation.


List what's on your mind...

Let's start by listing things that are on your mind, anything you can think of, in any order. Rather than generalizing, try and breakdown your thoughts as much as you can in each field, this will provide better results. Click here for an example. This information is not stored online. You can add more by clicking the + button. Press Continue when you are ready.

No information you enter is collected or kept by this tool.


How heavy are these on your mind...

Now let's go through each of these and scale them on how much they are occupying your thoughts. Use 1 being not that much and 10 being very much. Press Continue when you are ready.


Which of these can you do something about...

Now let's go through each of these and really consider whether you personally can do something about. Choose Yes if you yourself can sort that thought out, or No if outside factors are involved. Continue when you are ready.


Visualise your thoughts...

Here is a breakdown of all the things you have listed. The first chart shows you how much each thought is taking up in your Mind. The second chart shows you the thoughts that you yourself may be able to do something about, and therefore maybe worth your mental focus. The last chart shows you all of the thoughts that require others or outside factors to sort out, and therefore may not be worth thinking about for now.


You may be able to use these results to help clarify your mind when your mind feels overwhelmed with thoughts. As this information does not get stored online, you can save these results as an image by pressing Save results as image button.

Please share this website if you you have found it useful and perhaps considering donating some change for the upkeep of this site.


Further Help...

If you feel as though you are after more help or think that you would like to speak to someone then please get in touch with one of the organisations below, relevant to your country.

Please note that I have no experience or affiliation with these organisation. I have just listed a few I found during my research. The links below are external websites with their own Privacy Policies.

United Kingdom

Name: Samaritans

Tel No: 116 123 24/7 & free


United States

Name: Samaritans

Tel No: (877) 870-4673 24/7 & free



Name: Lifeline

Tel No: 11 43 57 24/7



Name: Magyar Lelki Elsősegély Telefonszolgálatok Szövetségével

Tel No: 116 123 24/7 & free


Other International

Name: Befrienders Worldwide